Consequences: A Wilders Finale

The Trilogy is Complete!

The exciting conclusion to the captivating Wilders Series.

The virus is morphing and moving fast. Wilders aren't following the three rules anymore. Nobody is safe.

Running low on supplies while waiting for a response from their plea for help, the camp in the Adirondak forest can't wait any longer. Emerson is selected to lead a supply run on what should be a short trip into town. With the world sliding dangerously close to a full apocalypse, his team will have to make hazardous decisions.

Back in the camp, help arrives. But the form it takes is unexpected. Renna doesn't know who to trust. Or how she'll survive.

Bold choices always have consequences. Now it's time to face them.

Fans of Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Scott Lynch, John Green, Sarah J Maas, and Leia Stone will love the Wilders series.

Reviews for "Consequences" from Amazon Reviewers

"This was an enjoyable read. After reading Wilders, I was looking forward to this book. It did a wonderful job of deepening the original characters and plot, then bringing it to an exciting conclusion. I greatly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it."

"Loved the series and especially this book. Loved the way she brought out all the characters strengths and ended series on a high note. I highly recommend all Cass Kim’s books. Fantastic writer!"

"This book completely fulfilled the crescendo of great storytelling throughout this series. It kept building and building...gosh this book was satisfying. It was such a fitting final piece to a great series. so so very good. "

"The Wilders series is a thought provoking, distinct take on apocalyptic condition story telling. Would recommend both the first and second book. But...maybe after virus anxiety calms down a bit, unless you're really into immersive book experiences. Consequences is thoughtful and engaging, to the extent that excerpts could be taken and put in a news article right now about what real world people are experiencing, like grocery store stress from panic shoppers. This book, series, gets real. It is certainly worth grabbing a copy at any time, but will be really something special to read in a post-covid19 world."