Beta Reading

Beta Reading

 Every book needs an excellent Beta Reader to provide key feedback to help the story reach its full potential. I offer free line or developmental edits for the first 1-2 chapters of the story, and then a chapter by chapter analysis of the strengths and areas of concern for each chapter after that. I will give you overall feedback for the story arc, characters, and pacing in an email with your returned manuscript. Additionally, you can send any questions you have about how characters feel, the ending, the title - anything you want feedback on, and I'll address them. If a manuscript is less than 15k, I will sprinkle light line edits throughout the reading; I beta read with a commitment to maintaining your voice and style. 

Don't get downtrodden by feedback that tries to change your voice . Because this is lighter than a full edit, I offer lower rates.

I know that getting reliable, timely beta reading feedback is difficult. 

Full read completed within *30 days: 0.0050 per word (or $350.00 for a 70k word manuscript).

Have a short story? I will edit your completed short story (under 4k words) for a flat-rate fee of $50.00

Short Stories between 4k and 7k will be edited for a flat fee of $75.00.

Short story editing includes:

*30 days applies to 100k or lower word counts. Please add an additional week per every 25k words above 100k.