Self-Publishing Guide Call

Self-publishing can be extremely frustrating. There are so many details to sort out, files to upload at the right place and time, and advertising to set-up.

It's true that you can learn how to self-publish for free. All it takes is time and maybe some trial and error. That's how I learned to self-publish on both KDP and Ingram Spark. Now, over ten books later, I feel confident and calm with each new book release. It's important to me to be honest - this is an added service that essentially offers you more time to focus on your writing and less time reading How-To blogs and watching videos.

I can't count the number of times I've answered questions on social media about self-publishing and had somebody respond saying, "I wish somebody could just do this part for me!"

I'm now offering Self-Publishing Guide Calls. This call will consist of a Zoom call (you don't have to show your face if you don't want to) where I will answer your questions. This can be done during your book set-up on KDP or Ingram if you want to screen share and have me walk you through the process. It could be before you're at that point, as you're figuring out the next steps to get there. I'm happy to discuss my knowledge of self-publishing across multiple platforms, including some of the ways I've gotten my books into bookstores and libraries. I'll talk about how I advertise and can help you set those platforms up as well.

Essentially, this call is about meeting you where you are at in your self-publishing journey and helping you move through the hurdles. You can ask as many questions as fit into the timeframe of the call.

Calls can be scheduled on Mondays or weekends at this time.

1/2 hour call: $50.00

1 hour call: $100.00

Interested? Just fill out the editing form, but leave blank anything you want to - note that you're looking for a self-publishing call and what weeks/days you're available and I'll get back to you with a few time options.