Beta Reading

Line Editing

Line editing focuses on improving the readability of your novel or short story. As a line editor, I comb through your manuscript line by line to tighten your prose and heighten the emotion of the story. A line editor not only looks at the readability of each sentence, but looks at it in a macro context as well to promote the flow and pacing of each paragraph, page, and chapter. I will help you choose the right words to convey your meaning and make sure no words or phrases are being over-used, hampering your storytelling. With a keen eye for detail and story structure, I will sharpen the tension of your foreshadowing and increase the realism of your dialogue.

This is the type of editing that takes a good story and helps it turn into a great story.

It's possible to proofread and copy edit your own work with the use of online tools, software, and many hours of careful reading. Line editing takes a specific skill set, and requires a distance from the creation that the writer themselves cannot give a story accurately. I promise to help your story come alive to readers while carefully preserving your voice within the writing. While line editing does not include proofreading, I will note typos, punctuation, and blatant grammar errors as I see them, saving you some work in the final polishing stages.

Interested? I offer a free 1,500 word sample edit. Contact me at Casskim@casskim.com today to check my availability.

My rates range from $.035 a word to $.055 a word, based on the level of editing your manuscript needs. I promise to be honest with you throughout the process and let you know if a developmental edit would be more appropriate. Once we have reached an agreement on the rate and timeline, I will invoice you via PayPal business for a secure payment method. If you feel more comfortable using a third party that holds the payment in escrow, I am available on Fiverr and Upwork (links below). However, be aware that I do sometimes pause or hide these options when I am working on an edit - so please contact me if you see them paused but want to secure a date for your own manuscript. I often booked 2-3 months in advance, but do my best to accommodate your schedule.

I offer edits through highlighted text with attached comments or through track changes in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You may choose what method and program you prefer.

Sample of what a line edit looks like in Google Docs (samples are created, and not used from clients for privacy purposes)

Sample of what a line edit looks like in Google Docs (samples are created, and not used from clients for privacy purposes)

Developmental Editing

There is nothing like finishing your book, sending it to a friend or a writing buddy, and hearing that it's falling a little flat. Equally frustrating - finishing a story you've been working on for years only to realize that the growth of character and timelines work a lot better in your head than they translate on paper. Perhaps you sent it to an editor for a copy edit and thet suggested you should hire a developmental editor first.

If you are looking for in-depth developmental editing that includes an optional twenty-thirty minute Zoom meeting before and after to discuss your voice, your goals, and your idea of how the story should read, as well as an opportunity to bounce ideas back and forth and brainstorm for any big changes, I'm here for you. I promise a three week turn around from the day your submit your agreed upon manuscript to me.

How much does this developmental edit cost?

$300.00 per 10,000 words. That's only .03 per word.

What does it include?

  • Phone call before edits start - this call starts our three week timeline, as long as you've sent your manuscript.

  • In-depth feedback both within lines, and with chapter by chapter breakdowns.

  • Tracking for continuity, plot holes, and emotional sequencing.

  • Character development from a single story and series standpoint if applicable.

  • Positive feedback along with constructive feedback to make your work shine.

  • Phone call following completion of edits, within the week they are returned to you, or within two weeks if you want time to process the feedback before discussing.

Interested? Please email me at casskim@casskim.com with your manuscript length, story type, a little about yourself and your goals for the story. We can work from there to determine if I'm the right editor for your book.

Beta Reading

Every book needs an excellent Beta Reader to provide key feedback to help the story reach its full potential. I offer beta reading that is a mix of light developmental editing and some simple line editing (comments provided within the text), with detailed feedback in paragraph or bullet point format after completing the read discussing the feel of the story, asking pertinent questions, and giving broader feedback than the comments within the body of the manuscript. Additionally, you can send any questions you have about how characters feel, the ending, the title - anything you want feedback on, and I'll address them. I beta read with a commitment to maintaining your voice and style.

Don't get downtrodden by feedback that tries to change your voice . Because this is lighter than a full edit, I offer lower rates.

I know that getting reliable, timely beta reading feedback is difficult. I also know that we writers are always working on a budget. Because of this, I offer several options with prices based on the speed you want your feedback.

Full read completed within 10 days: 0.0085 per word (or $595.00 for a 70k word manuscript).

Full read completed within 16 days weeks: 0.0055 per word (or $385.00 for a 70k word manuscript).

Full read completed within 30 days: 0.0035 per word (or $245.00 for a 70k word manuscript).

Have a short story? I will beta read your completed short story (under 4k words) for a flat-rate fee of $15.00

Email me at Casskim@casskim.com to check my availability!

What's a typical rate for these types of edits? You can see the Median ranges from the Editorial Freelancer's Association

I provide all invoices for direct contracts through PayPal Business.

Prefer to work through a third-party where the finances will be put in Escrow?

You can find me on my new Fiverr account: Fiverr Profile

Or on UpWork.

Examples of books I've recently Developmentally edited (Many are in the submission process): Autumn Nights: 12 Chilling Tales for Midnight

Examples of books I've recently line edited (several are in the submissions process to agents, so I cannot note them here):

Genesis Awakened: Tri-Mortal Series Book One by R. K. Lee

Genesis Rising: Tri-Mortal Series Book Two by R.K. Lee

Beautiful Trauma by C.M. Mills