Book Doctoring

Book doctoring is a service that combines developmental editing, line editing, and ghostwriting. Every writer has strengths. Unfortunately, every writer has weaknesses too. Sometimes even with strong editorial feedback, it feels nearly impossible to get your writing to flow just how you imagine it will. Editing is strictly providing feedback for you to utilize as you re-draft. Line edits often include suggestions for specific lines, but not for full paragraphs or long sections of work.

That's where a Book Doctor comes in. This service works in two parts: big picture editing first with feedback and optional Google Meet or Zoom call to discuss it. Then, I will assist you in re-writing some portions of the recommended edit. I won't re-write the entire book - at that point, it's more like ghostwriting, and I'm retired from that.

What I will do after completing the developmental edit, is discuss with you the areas that are holding your manuscript back. We can determine together which areas you want me to help you re-write. This could be transitions between scenes, dialogue, or adding in internalizations to flesh out your characters and increase how attached the audience feels. It may be something different. Each manuscript is unique in what it requires.

Because this is a sensitive process, and book doctoring is a combined effort, it takes more time and different skills. It also requires discretion. You'll never see a list of the books I have ghostwritten or book doctored. That information will forever remain between the author and me. Each and every book doctoring client will be provided with a separate document regarding Non-Disclosure in addition to the NDA information on their invoice.

Rates for book doctoring according to the Editorial Freelancers Association ranges from .06-.069 per word. I work within those ranges for book doctoring. Make sure to include "book doctoring" in your form if you're interested in this service.