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Looking for an experienced writer to help you write your fictional story or personal memoir?

I offer book coaching and ghostwriting packages for a variety of needs. Please see below for the options. If you are interested in a package, or negotiating a different option for my ghostwriting services, please contact me at:

What qualifies me to be your book coach? I have published a completed trilogy, and am the driving force behind the Amazon bestselling charity anthologies in the "Autumn Nights" series. Recent projects include book coaching for a science fiction series, and book coaching with partial ghostwriting for a Young Adult novel, ghostwriting in the cozy mystery genre, and book coaching for a self-help memoir. I also hold a master's degree in a communication based program (Speech-Language Pathology), and have a bachelor's degree in psychology. I listen well and promise to help you create your book with kind and honest feedback that preserves your writing voice.

All packages include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Not sure if book coaching is for you? Drop me an e-mail ( and I'll be happy to discuss your current needs, and the benefits of having a book coach for your unique situation.

Book Coaching Packages

Light The Fire! - Essentials Consult Package: $150

Been wandering around with a book idea, or maybe just strong character in your head? Consult with me via e-mail (up to 4 return e-mails from me) or phone call (up to 60 minutes) to flesh out your ideas and chart the key plot points to get the bare bones in place for your story. We will also discuss key pieces of information, such as ideal length for your story, age group and category, and I can answer questions you may have about publishing through Amazon KDP.

Best of all - if you select the Essentials Consult package, and choose to upgrade to another package after, the initial 150.00 price will be deducted from your next purchase.

Get Me Started - The New Writer Package $500.00

Have a great idea for a story, but struggling to get it from the beginning to the end with logical sequencing and strong character motivations? You want to do the writing, but you need a little help to get the ball rolling. This is package might be right for you. The New Writer package includes:

  • E-mail or phone interview, and continued e-mail contact as needed through the duration of the project (up to 3 months).
  • Bi-weekly scheduled phone calls up to 5 calls after initial interview call (can be spread out up to 3 months).
  • Clearly outlined plot points for the full story based on your ideas - with your input and creative back and forth.
  • Character information sheet detailing background (to make them full, real-feeling characters), quirks, nervous ticks, and description of their looks - an excellent reference worksheet as you write.
  • Beta-reading and feedback on your first five chapters.
  • Optional timeline outlining a recommended writing schedule - if you like an accountability framework, this is for you!

Get Me Started and Help Me Break It Down - The Stuck Package: $700.00

Sometimes carrying the story through from one point to the other naturally can be tricky. Layering in personal relationships and little moments for payoffs later? Even harder. This package offers all of the items in The New Writer Package and also includes:

  • Bullet pointed chapter by chapter breakdown.
  • Additional e-mail contact as needed (up to 2 per week) for the next six months as you write your novel or memoir.
  • Additional 3 (total of 9) phone calls scheduled as needed, allowed to be spread out over a six month period.
  • Beta reading the first ten chapters with detailed feedback for character and event building.

I'm Halfway Done But Don't Know Where to Go - The Road Map Package - Base price: $350 - Negotiable

Sometimes you have a great book started - or you're almost done with a book, but you feel uncertain of where to take it, if it's good...or maybe something is just not reading how you want it to, and you can't figure out how to make it work. This package is negotiable based on your needs and length of writing, but can include:

  • Re-write of tricky chapters, in your voice.
  • Re-working your plot with you to make it follow character motivations.
  • Layering in details to bring flat characters to life.
  • Taking your current plot and ideas for where you need it to go and creating a detailed outline (or road map) to help you get back on track.
  • Breaking down heavy world building in the front end to pepper it throughout the novel in a smooth and readable way.
  • Phone call packages available for 1-6 month time frames.

Check Me Out

Due to high demand, starting July 15th, 2020, you can now secure a 15 minute phone call with me to discuss your book or story ideas, and ask up to five questions you have about publishing, writing, and editing. This phone call is only $20.00 and can be purchased right here on the site. Once you've secured your spot through a purchase, e-mail me with which date and day works best for you you so we can set up your phone call on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

At this time, the PayPal check out below is only for the $20.00 Check Me Out call, and is configured for only that amount. This is because Book Coaching and writing can be very personal, and I believe that clients and Book Coaches need to be selected with care on both ends. All full package purchases must be completed through direct invoice from me.

Ghostwriting Packages

All Ghostwriting packages include a scheduled 1 hour phone call to get a feel for your needs and your voice. Additional calls (up to 3 per month) as needed throughout the project are also included.

Write Part of My Book! - The Partial Ghostwrite Package: .45 per word, or $45/hour.

You have a book partly done, but your time is is in high demand and your book or series won't finish itself. This is the package for you. This package offers the options of:

  • Completing a novel based on your current portions written (go ahead and jump around - I'll fill in what you need!).
  • I will read up to one full novel in your series to get to know your style and your characters once we have a contract - that way if you have me writing a book that's later in the series, I can adapt to your needs.
  • Getting you started by setting up the characters and inciting incident - sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

Write My Book Idea! - The Full Ghostwrite Package: 1.10 per word, or $110/hour.

If you choose the "second draft" option, fee reduces to .50 per word, or $50/hour and you will be responsible for final editing.

Maybe you just need more books written relatively quickly to boost your overall sales on Amazon. Maybe you have a great idea that's been kicking around for years, and want to see your story brought to life. This package is perfect for you if either of those are true. I specialize in Young Adult and Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Dystopian. This package includes:

  • E-mail or DM on twitter consults as needed. Initial phone call via Google Duo to discuss, and additional calls for each quarter of the book.
  • Clearly outlined plot points for the full story based on your ideas - with your input and creative back and forth.
  • Fully written book, with chapters submitted to you for feedback throughout the process.
  • Second Draft option saves you money, but I recommend hiring a line editor prior to publishing.
  • Fully edited novel options available, but you must allow me to hire a professional editor that will sign an NDA regarding the fact that they first read this novel coming from me.


"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Ms. Kim on the wildly successful Autumn Nights anthology. Her keen vision and exceptional attention to detail were instrumental in making that project the success that it was. I believe she is a strong and uniquely talented writer who will bring that same vision to any and all endeavors. I look forward to hearing about the successes of her future clients, as I am sure they will be many." - Martin Shannon, author of the Weird Florida series, an Amazon multi #1 Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Read winner.

"Working with Cass is always a pure pleasure. She has a keen eye for plotting and narrative flow, along with creating strong, memorable characters that linger long after a story ends. She really handles feedback effortlessly - providing balanced critique that's helpful, insightful and confidence building." - Eve Marie Power.

"Cass Kim is an absolute delight to work with and a true professional. I had the pleasure of working with her on the Autumn Nights anthology, and she was not only a skilled beta reader and editor, but she also excelled at keeping a dozen other writers on task. I’d be thrilled to work with her again." - Matthew Cesca, Author

"Cass Kim does a wonderful job of providing valuable and helpful feedback in a positive and constructive fashion that helps bring the very best of your work out. I would highly recommend her to help support your writing goals." - KA Miltimore, Author