Indie Book Review Blog

This blog will feature my reviews of Indie published books. A few simple rules:

1: I will only rate and review books that I liked well enough to give three stars and above. If I said I would read your book and haven't posted a review, either I'm slow, or I didn't want to give you a bad review.

2: I will also post my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (assuming your books are on there).

3: My reviews will talk about the things I liked, and some of the things that, for me personally, maybe didn't work as well. It could be style, editing, setting, character, etc. I want to keep my reviews honest. I also don't mind feedback on my books like that - it's how we improve.

4: The reviews I post on Amazon and Goodreads will focus primarily on the positive things. We're all in this together, and I'm not here to bring down your sales. The entire point of this is to help all of us be seen better.

5: Because I want this to be a way for fellow Indie Authors to be seen, I will be figuring out the best format to give each review it's own page. The more places your name is linked with your book title, the better. Hence, separate pages for each book. Because I'm not a computer genius, please be patient if I have to change things around a few times to make this the best platform I can for this purpose. Right now, I will add them as individual buttons below. I will also post them on a WordPress blog to increase visibility.

6: Submissions: if you would like me to read your book, I will open submissions at a later date. I do have KU, and am happy to read the books on there. At this time, I have a large To Be Read list, and want to give priority to fellow authors that I interact with a lot, or who have taken time out of their busy lives to review my books already. If I do want submissions, I will probably make a call for them on Twitter.